What To Do about SPD in pregnancy and back pain in pregnancy

How to fix SPD in pregnancy and SPD for good

Can't Get Comfortable and Find Yourself Tossing and Turning At Night ?

Most pregnant women experience bodily discomfort and at least 25% of them suffer from certain types of disabilities which are temporary but extremely painful. The most common problem is back pain because of which around 30% of pregnant women are forced to reduce physical activities.

What are the typical changes that the body experiences during pregnancy?

According to Professor Haywood L. Brown, MD, F. Bayard Carter Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Duke University Medical Center:

"The joints and ligaments in the woman’s pelvis loosen and become more flexible. This change helps make room for the enlarging uterus and prepare the woman for delivery of the baby. As a result, the woman’s posture changes somewhat.

Backache in varying degrees is common because the spine curves more to balance the weight of the enlarging uterus."

symptoms of muscular and skeletal changes

  1. Lower back pain or lower abdominal pain on both sides of the area above your groin (SPD)
  2. Cramps in your legs and knee pain, numbness in your lower limbs and hip pain.
  3. You may feel Rib pain in the later stages of your pregnancy
  4. Pelvic girdle pain and pelvic floor dysfunction which can lead to incontinence
  5. Spasms in your lower back muscles

Causes of muscular and skeletal disorders

  • The swelling and stretching of the round ligament affects the fascial sheath of the muscles in the abdomen as well as the uterus because it is connected to both.
  • Retention of fluids and build up of lactic acid in the limbs
  • Growth of the foetus creating a pressure on the rib cage and causing a pull on your abdominal muscles.
  • Extreme lordosis (spinal curve) causing swaying back of the body
  • Pressure on your sciatic nerve and swelling of your spinal disc due to pelvic shift
  • Increase in weight and muscle laxity due to the secretion of a hormone relaxin
  • Muscle exertion in the form of constant or brisk movements as well as sneezing or coughing
  • a change in your posture because of the weight of the foetus


The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) advises chiropractic care during pregnancy to get relief from pain and re-establish pelvic balance as well as spinal alignment.

Life Balance Chiropractic follows a methodological approach while dealing with muscular and skeletal stress and strain. Diagnostic tests are performed which help in identifying the exact cause of your discomfort.

The trained and experienced Chiropractors at Life Balance Chiropractic Centre work at realigning the spine to relieve pain in the surrounding area and subsequently the whole body.

Research studies indicate that women who receive Chiropractic care during pregnancy are more comfortable and confident and go through fewer complications during delivery and the body also gets back to its normal state fast after delivery.

Case Study

A case study published in 2016 showed that Chiropractic care was helpful in changing a baby's position naturally. A 37-year old woman in the 35th week of pregnancy was experiencing pain in the pelvic and hip area. Her latest ultrasound test had revealed that the baby was in breech position.

The Chiropractor conducted an assessment in which it was found that there was misalignment in the right hip which had led to tenderness of the muscle in the area below her sacrum. A specialist chiropractic technique called the Webster technique was used on the hip, lower back and sacrum. From the first visit itself, the baby started changing position and after four visits, the patient could give birth vaginally and the baby was delivered in the anterior position (optimal position).

All our chiropractic team is trained in Webster technique.

3 top tips to relieve pain

Chiropractic care is really helpful in resolving muscular and skeletal stress and strain but self care complements it and gives the best results. Here are some exercises which you can try at home:

1. Wall squats can be done to relieve back pain by standing against the wall and lowering into a sitting position. After a few seconds you need to get up and then repeat this at least 5 to 10 times.

2. Pelvic tilts can be performed by lying on the ground and trying to lower the back as much as possible to close the gap between the back and the floor.

3. To stretch the neck muscles, the head needs to be tilted and the hand on the tilted side can be moved to the other side to offer resistance to the head while moving back from the tilted position.

It is important to be cautious while doing these exercises. Some discomfort is natural but in case of excess pain, exercises should be stopped immediately. Try Chiropractic today to live a pain-free and healthy life!

P.S. Find out more about how to relieve pelvic girdle pain and spd in pregnancy for good. If you’re experiencing spd symptoms and lower back pain in pregnancy  which restricts your ability to move and keep mobile without pain then you need a pregnancy chiropractor.

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