I am a business owner and need to find the best chiropractor near me

Ever thought to yourself i really need to sort out this irritating back pain but all the chiropractors near me take up so much of my time? Ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a Chiropractic Centre near you in Poole or Bournemouth, get seen to efficiently without having to take up one hour of your day two or three times a week or even once a week? 

Well look no further as with Life Balance Chiropractic centre you can say with confidence, you are the best chiropractor near me. Being a business owner myself in the local area of Poole, I truly understand the one pain point in life, the good old saying "I just don't have time!". However, i also understand the importance of keeping my spine aligned and my nervous system healthy as without these, i wouldn't be a high performing Chiropractor or business owner. 

For me high performance at work is a goal i feel should be a number one priority in life.

I also completely sympathise with other business owners who may struggle with this because they can't find a comfortable position, who maybe say to themselves "I don't understand how this has happened", that shooting pain and tingling is just not going away. 

Ever find yourself saying "I just can't get any work done" ? "Those YouTube videos do not work!", "But i self diagnosed my sciatica on Google". 

Unfortunately there are many common mistakes people make with sciatica and lower back pain. In order to provide proper long term relief, the only real way to go about this is to have a thorough spinal examination so you can understand what is going on underneath. I see many patients who leave their pain untreated for years and as a result, when they come and get an assessment the results are worse than they first thought. 

Mary who works in our Marketing department here came into the Centre before she started working at Life Balance Chiropractic Centre as she thought we were the best chiropractor for sciatica and lower back pain near her. She's suffered from a bad lower back for 8 years and after an acute injury this year in 2020, which left her unable to walk or stand for two weeks, she finally decided it was time to sort the problem out long term.

After some much required x-rays, examination of MRI's, and going through her medical history it was clear that over the years she had various injuries and trauma to her lower back/ coccyx area, but where it had been left untreated for so long, the impact from the injuries over time had caused herniation of the discs in her lower back, particularly the L4 - L5, L5 - S1 discs which is the area that controls a humans ability to walk (hence her loss of mobility).

It was also revealed through x-rays that Mary suffered from 'text neck', this meant she had lost the curvature in her neck through probably a life time of looking down on her phone and scrolling through social media. It isn't known to many but the movement of looking down on your phone constantly, can cause you to lose curvature in your neck, which over time can cause lower back pain as the nerves connected through your spine become overly stressed. When a human loses the curvature in their neck, it goes from being flexible and able to hold the weight of your very heavy skull to rigid and stiff. A neck is not designed to be straight as it is supposed to support the weight of a human head, which weighs the same as a bowling ball. Can you imagine the pressure you put on your neck and head if you have lost the curvature - this can be one of many reasons why people can suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. 

Mary started of in her phase of care with 11 misalignment, 6 weeks into her treatment this reduced to 3. She is well on the way to maintenance phase. Right now we are focusing on lengthening those muscles so if an injury were to occur in the future, she wouldn't go back to stage 1.  Through Chiropractic treatment patterns of stress are being broken down in the spine and nerves, turning down the stress hormones in the brain and body, bringing her back from extinction with a freshness feel.

Do you have a similar story to Mary? Are you looking to get your frustrating pain sorted once and for all so you can get back to running a high performing business? 

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