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7 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Chiropractor

If you are struggling with Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain or Crushing Migraines, then don't make these mistakes when choosing your Chiropractor

Choosing a chiropractor has sometimes a lot of taboo and so can be tricky; there are lots of Physios, Osteo’s and Chiropractors, with many
now doing very similar things and most of them making the same type of claims. I am going to share with you the seven mistakes I see people making repeatedly when picking the right chiropractor.


When choosing a chiropractor, they must have a well-defined strategy to locate someone for their needs and their goals. Too few people do the proper due diligence when shopping around for a good chiropractor. Thus, they may not get the best deal in terms of quality service, efficiency and functionality when it comes to delivery of their service experience and results-based outcomes.


Be very wary of choosing the cheapest chiropractor. To make a living they will have to work many hours. They will not get the attention and service they deserve and when the cost is the only consideration, it’s a race to the bottom. This is when corners are cut, and their care
and experience have becomes negatively impacted.

Another consideration with this is to understand what this is going to help them do again or get back doing. More importantly because of them being able to do more, what does that do for them in their life? When a chiropractor has specific solutions to what their problem is preventing them from doing, they can give bespoke care rather than a one size fits all approach because it’s based on their goals. Cost is no longer a primary consideration.

3. Location

Why do we travel to the most remote parts of the world or go to a restaurant that is booked months in advance? For the same reason, they should consider the quality of the care they’re getting and what it’s doing for them in their life and their life balance over how convenient a location is.

4. Age is just a number

It’s easy to make the mistake that because someone has been in practice for many years that they are the chiropractor to see, yet a lot of the time it’s the chiropractors who are young and hungry that are constantly learning and staying up to date and crafting their skills on a
consistent basis to be better.

5. Get specific

Anyone claiming to do it all is not a specialist; that’s someone who just wants their business. The lines have become very blurred in all the professions working with the body, often physios doing manipulation, Osteos doing soft tissue and exercise and chiros doing dry needling and acupuncture. Now it’s not to say these things are wrong or that they don’t work because they do, but if everyone is doing similar things then how do they differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace?

Finding a chiropractor that doesn’t claim to cure or fix anything, but adjusts the spine as necessary based on a thorough analysis and history takes years to master and if they are lucky enough to find a good one then they might not need all that other stuff. Choosing a chiro who also has defined their niche and isn’t afraid to turn down the opportunity to work with someone or refer them out to another healthcare professional when it's not their specialism or interest.

6. have a chat

Any good and reputable chiro will not only have testimonials, and case studies on their website and google page, but they will also offer them the chance to speak to their clients if they wanted to so they can hear their experiences first hand. When they have that recognition of someone like their case who had great results it gives them confidence.

7. time

It’s vitally important that whoever they decide to work with places a high value on their time. When a chiro sets a premium price for their service they are telling the world and their clients that they value what they do and are committed to delivering a high-quality service
and experience. They also end up restricting the number of clients they work with and take on because they don’t need to work long hours.


We hope you found the information in this post useful. If you think that Life Balance is the place for you to start your journey away from pain to get back to doing the things you love then we would love to have a chat with you. Consider booking a FREE Telephone Consultation with one of our Award-Winning Doctors of Chiropractic today!

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