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7 reasons why it's great to work for life balance

7 Reasons it's Great to Work for Life Balance

Today we have decided to take a moment and ask our team why they love working for Life Balance. Life Balance is an environment that thrives on growth and innovation promoting each individual staff member to take ownership and accountability. 

Life Balance Chiropractic's Culture code is the operating system that powers the company. Why do we obsess over culture?

“Culture doesn’t just help attract amazing people, it amplifies their potential and helps them do their best work.”

Here's why our people love working for us:

Reason 1 

Life Balance invests in employee wellbeing. Every Thursday morning the team all take part in a healthy workshop from yoga, Pilates to breath, and much more. 

Reason 2 

Life Balance Chiropractic also invests in training and development. On a Thursday morning, the whole team comes together to talk about their objectives - what has gone well, what they liked and what they would do differently. As well as this the team either do a team upskill where someone will teach the rest of the team about their specific field or they will upskill by themselves in their own field of expertise. 


LB the company dog even joins in! 

Reason 3 

Every day we say to ourselves did we care? did we connect? did we create? By doing this we make sure we are performing at our best.

Reason 4 

We organise team socials every month. We are a small-knit team which means having a great relationship in the team is very important. Our summer party this year is at the New Forest Water park. 

Reason 5 

We promote healthy lifestyle here. Everyone is very active and keen on the outdoors. Enjoying things like walking, running, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming. Some of the team take part in marathons and Iron Mans. 

Reason 6

We have a very welcoming environment. Our clients aren't just a number they are human beings. We connect with them and build true and authentic relationships. We would love for like-minded people to join us. We are all about the growth mindset here. 

Reason 7

Although we are a small team, we share a lot of happiness and laughter. We have a no politics rule leaving it outside before you walk through the door. We do not rest on our laurels, we innovate, we are honest and as the team grows we strive to stay true to our values. We promote high performance, freedom and responsibility, promotions and development, we provide context and do not control (no micro-managing). 

We are currently recruiting for enthusiastic people with the right attitude to learning. Apply here if you think you have what it takes to join our team. 

Learn More About What Roles we are Recruit for Here >>


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