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Chiropractor near me - Inside secrets to our mission, vision and values

Most people believe that health happens in a doctor's surgery. When you become poorly you should go to the doctors and get prescribed medication and you will feel better. 

But have you ever wondered why your problem doesn’t ever disappear? Or why the doctor has to prescribe you with 2 more medications for the 1 pain point you went in for? This is because medication causes side effects so to treat those side effects, you will be given more medication. The medication to treat the side effects also has side effects so you then get prescribed with another one, before you know it you’re on 4 different pills for the 1 pain you went in for. 

I’m sure those of you who have experienced a prolapsed disc, slipped disk or herniated disk have had to go into a hospital to have an epidural and as a result of that be pumped with opiates, other painkillers and even stomach and anti sickness medications. 

This caused a lot of chemical stress on your body didn’t it? Suddenly you felt drowsy? Couldn’t get out of bed? Couldn’t even go to the toilet! As well as this, I’m sure this brought on emotional stress as you may have felt overwhelmed, helpless, dependant. All from the opiates and chemicals you were pumping into your body. 

Here at Life Balance, we have a completely different way of thinking. Rather than putting a plaster over the problem with temporary pain relief, we look at long term preventative care. 

Take a dive into some of our secrets here at Life Balance. You'll see why we are so special after reading this.

Secret 1 - We have a vision to heal the world, unite and engage people on their journey to balance; by being the most client centric health company and brand.

There will be a life balance chiropractic centre in every major city across the globe to create better health and wellbeing for all, and to produce a safe culture for children to thrive in a modern world now and for future generations.

Secret 2 - Our Mission is also personal. This is more than business for us. It's personal. We've encountered our own health challenges or those of loved ones who like ourselves, lost the ability to do the things we care about, have to do, love to do and see as our roles and identity to do.

So we inspire healthier communities around the globe by connecting people to why specific chiropractic care is relevant to them, can be of value to them and their life in helping people do these things better. 

We lead the conversation on why taking care of the nerve system is essential to daily life and the human experience. 

Through our health centres and virtually we create and provide products, services, programs , experiences and a systems based approach to health that restores mobility, alignment, strength and vitality and empowers people to get their whole life back. 

We inspire people to live a better life by taking care of their body with a better way to heal, feel and live. For us we are committed to make our company and brands easy to experience, buy, love, and recommend. We will be the world's best, most loved, client-centric health company and lifestyle brand.

Secret 3 - We’ve also got some pretty cool values too: 

  1. Take 100% responsibility,  have full acceptance of what is and be self aware. 
  2. Be brave, transform lives with big vision, goals and audacious action, find out what we are capable of.
  3. Be all in, raise the standard, deliver excellence, and go the extra mile.
  4. Practice humility, develop trust,  show kindness and feel compassion to learn, grow and evolve.
  5. Celebrate, create joy and have fun because life is better together.

Our last little secret we are going to let you in on is our brand promise: ‘too live your best life’.

You can be a part of this too. Next time you have back pain, rather than going back to the Doctors surgery where you will only receive temporary relief, why not come into Life Balance Chiropractic centre to receive an initial consultation. You will be able to live your best life and reduce stress and worries through our healing approach. 

Now, you might be thinking “will Chiropractic work for me” or “ It seems like a long time until i am better”, “it seems like a lot of effort when i can just take medication”, but what you have to remember is, the medication is just a plaster covering the root of the problem.

You keep getting frustrated with the symptoms coming back time and time again don't you?

If you’ve had chronic pain for too long to even remember, it’s going to take your body more than 5 minutes to heal. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were our bodies!

So what I’m really trying to say, cutting a long story short, is we want to heal the world through preventative care, where people don’t have to rely on medication to feel better but through a healthy lifestyle approach instead.

Now you’re one of our top secret readers, if you feel you are ready to book an initial consultation to start your journey to a stress free life please call us on 01202 684 859 and one of the girls on the front desk will happily help you. 

Or alternatively please request a call back with a suitable time and date to book an appointment. If you want to find out a little more about your symptoms and why you feel how you do you can also book a 15 minute free discovery session.

Yes call me back to book an appointment >>

We embrace those who encourage a stress free life, who actively seek to live a happier and healthier life.

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