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ATTENTION VALUED CLIENTS who haven't seen us in a while

A special offer for clients who haven't seen us in a while

Not been in the centre for a while? Want to get active again? Pain stopping you from getting on with life? Whether you have pain or you are just trying to maintain a healthy nervous system, with such a tough year it's important to make sure we take care of our bodies as stress can be a big factor to physical pain, emotional and chemical. 

For a limited time only we are offering you as a valued customer the opportunity to book yourself in for a spinal reassessment and 1 other family member for £76. 

That's buy 1 re assessment get 1 assessment for free. A huge saving of up to £225. Usually a spinal assessment and x-rays would cost £151 in total. 

Offer includes a through spinal assessment, report of findings and x-rays if clinically indicated for you and one other family member. Only valid until 10/09/2020.

Call now on 01202 684859 or book here for a call back.

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