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Places To Visit In Poole On Valentines Day With No Back Pain

The South of England is home too many picturesque places and fun things to do. From historic castles and cathedrals, famous islands to award-winning beaches.

We really do have it all.

Living in the South means you can walk along sandy coastlines, explore the region’s past and hike through national parks filled with natural beauty.

But if you’ve got unresolved pain or mobility issues.  – then it becomes tough (and almost impossible) to enjoy all the South has to offer.

Just the other week we had 4 people ring the poole and bournemouth chiropractic centre telling us their pain has ‘flared up’ AGAIN and they couldn't do a certain activity. 

And it’s not uncommon that we hear that these flare-ups mean activities and family days out, that have been planned for a while, have to be rain checked and put aside for another day…

…until their pain goes away.

Which is very unlikely it will go away alone, and even if it does, it usually means it’ll flare up again.

Anyway, here’s 5 great places to see in the South (that a lot of our clients have told us they can’t, because their pain is so bad, they’re scared it’ll put them out).

1. Walks to Old Harrys Rock 

Home to the famous walks and great place to visit all year round, these award-winning walks and views are a must see. Not only are they perfectly white and sandy, they’re a great place to enjoy a good book, take a stroll or relax with friends.There is also a selection of delicious places to eat and drink along the coast.

To truly experience the beauty of these beaches, I’d recommend waking up early in the morning or stay late at night and watch the sun set along the sea front.

It’s a sight you’d be sad to miss – especially when it starts getting warmer!

2. Dancing Ledges

If you’re looking for some breath-taking and inspiring views, look no further!

The Dancing ledges, stretch across the south and is an area of true, natural beauty – not to be missed. From climbing to cliff diving this place has it all and some of the most stunning places to wander and get lost in.

3. Brownsea Island 

One of the Souths most iconic Islands, home to the red squirrel and some pretty cool castle owned by the john lewis partnership.  Standing next to it feels pretty unreal, and definitely worth visiting on a sunny day.

4. Sandbanks beach

This beach lies lies just off the South coast and is a great place to walk and let the dogs run wild if you have them. With incredible views on a clear day of Studland, old harries and Studland. Whats not to like ?

If you’ve got unresolved pain or experiencing reduced mobility right now that is restricting your daily activities – or if you’ve been suffering for a while, that it’s just become a normal part of your daily life – that doesn’t have to be the case and you taking action towards helping yourself and being a client here is a step in the right direction. 

Here’s some free tips guide that we wrote for you, your family and friends you can start using as soon as today, to help ease pains, aches and restrictions quick, visit here to download it:


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