Erin's case study

“My Battle with Back and Knee Pain and how I Avoided Surgery!”

From the age of 12, Erin was in daily agony with back and knee pain. She knew something was seriously wrong when the pain stopped her being able to play with her children.

Erin was diagnosed with Hoffa’s syndrome, often seen in runners and cyclists. ‘I had been taking four different strong painkillers, every four hours for over 15 years. It has stopped me from doing everything - walking the dog, playing with my kids, exercise and swimming. I had been under the specialist at Poole Hospital because my knee was deteriorating, becoming worse over the last 3 years. There seemed no choice other than joining a long waiting list for surgery, with injections and physio to follow.’

Erin’s case is not unique, with 1 in 4 of the adult population and 12,000 children in the UK diagnosed each year with some kind of Musculoskeletal condition; this accounts for 30% of all GP visits and over 25% of all surgery’s on the NHS.

Erin came across Life Balance Chiropractic Centre and booked a consultation. “Within a week of treatment there was such a big difference in the pain, that I was able to stop taking my painkillers completely! After 3 weeks of care, when I went to see my specialist, I was told I no longer needed the injection and surgery”. The Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon commented that “The knee is better than it has ever been. Erin is now back leading a normal life”.

Today, Erin reflects on her Life Balance experience. “I have been discharged from the hospital and experienced a sense of wellbeing not felt in years. I am happier, more energetic and I’m excited about my future again.  

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