Is your job causing RSI?

When it comes to work, it’s more than just stress that causes muscle tension!

Do you come home from work and find that you’ve got a stiff neck? Tense shoulders? A headache? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you are one of many! Working at a desk can have a real strain on your muscles, and not just as a result of stress!

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) occurs as a result of your body performing the same movements over and over – no matter how small. Whether it’s the jolt of moving your arms back and forth on a cross-trainer, or the slight movement of your computer mouse from left to right, RSI can strike at any time and is often hard to treat alone.

How can a chiropractor help with RSI?

RSI can be treated with rest and pain relief medication; however, they won’t fix your injury completely. In order to repair the damage caused by RSI, the scar tissue that is created as a result will need to be broken down to enable the muscles to become loosened and allow fluid movement of the joints.

Your chiropractor can help to loosen your joints and muscles, relieving the pain caused by RSI and helping to ensure that you are back to work and fighting fit in no time. Our gentle manipulation of your joints and spine will help to ensure that your muscles remain relaxed and that those repetitive movements cause as little pain as possible.

What can you do to prevent RSI?

Repetitive Strain Injury is painful and can cause a serious interruption to your daily working life. Whilst it may be hard to treat on your own, there are a number of ways you can prevent it and keep your body balanced and mobile.

Take regular breaks

Just like your mind, your joints and muscles need a break from time to time. Take a minute or two at least once an hour to stand up from your desk, have a stretch and rest your body.

Find your triggers

Our chiropractors can assess your body and help to find out in which areas you carry the most tension and strain, allowing you to prevent damage or injury in the future.

Ease yourself in

If you've recently taken a holiday or perhaps you have a new job, repetitive movements at work can be a shock to your joints or muscles. Ease yourself in slowly and help guide your body towards comfort, minimising the risk of injury.

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