4 questions about how to optimise your health

With so much information on health and how you can be healthy, it all can be very overwhelming and confusing. This month we asked D.C. Joshua Smith, Chiropractor at Life Balance Chiropractic centre 4 questions about how to optimise your health and about your ability to heal and repair.

1. At Life Balance do you treat the pain or the problem causing the pain?

This is a really tricky question especially when we are in pain as we want immediate relief, so we can get on with our busy lives. Many people don’t address these body signals and instead try to live with the problems. Sound familiar? Imagine pain like a fire alarm alerting you to danger. Addressing the pain and not the problem is like taking the batteries out of the fire alarm because the noise is annoying you.

2. Why do we get sick?

Our health is dependant on our environments (traumas, toxins and thoughts) and how our bodies read this information through our nervous systems.

3. How long does it take to heal?

There's many variables that can effect how long it takes to heal - stressed? On your phone a lot?  Driving for hours? Disrupted Sleep? Consuming excessive alcohol? weight? Is your spine and nervous system working at its optimum? Because of all these variables it's very hard to predict how long it can take to heal. By creating the best environment for your body to heal you can significantly reduce the time it can take to heal and be back to you.

4. What Can we do to help ourselves?

We should aim to help our body achieve its optimal function. When we do this our cells, tissue and organs have a greater chance of repairing faster. We can start by helping our body achieve the best environment for it to heal by looking after our nervous system that interprets all our data.

To find out more about looking after your spine and nervous system click the link below to see one of our Chiropractors


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