Why putting a plaster over it doesn't work ! 

Why putting a plaster over it doesn't work! 

You feel yourself burning out? Do you think burn out is good? It means you’re working hard? Or you think it’s bad but you can’t seem to change it 

I bet you eat take out most nights of the week. Don’t have time to cook. Can’t deal with the kids crying! Do you find yourself locking away in the bathroom just to get 5 minutes of ‘you’ time? Do you say to yourself, I don’t have time to get a diagnosis for the chronic pain as I am TOO busy?

I bet you feel like you shouldn’t be lifting your kid as it gives you pain, but there is no one else around to do it.

I even bet you don’t drink 2 litres of water a day as you don't have time and you fuel yourself on caffeine as it’s the only thing to keep you going in your hectic day.

Find yourself crying sometimes?.... or all of the time?!

Well newsflash, this is all entirely to do with your horrific lifestyle choices. If you really want your chronic stress to change, to live a happier, worry and pain-free life, you need to take a step back and observe what is going on in your life and why. You then need to take the conscious steps to change these crap lifestyle habits that just aren’t good for you!

Did you know?

Your bad lifestyle choices are one of the reasons why you are suffering from physical pain in your body. When your body is under stress, it puts pressure on your whole nervous system. All the nerves in your body are connected to your spine so as you put your body under emotional, physical and chemical stress through bad lifestyle choices, pressure is then applied to your autonomic nervous system (the fight or flight response).

As a knock-on effect, your muscles will tighten as a natural response to you being in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your brain responds to the stress on the nervous system. This goes back to human primitive instinct, thinking you are protecting yourself from your hunting predator, like in the primal hunting days. As your muscles tighten this causes pain as a side effect.

The side effect of pressure on the nervous system also causes pain.

As pressure increases, this causes misalignments of the spine, as nerves are connected to the spine. If left untreated one misalignment could increase to multiple. This can snowball into chronic pain and chronic stress.

Is this starting to all make sense now?

I want you to watch this testimonial about Mum and baby Jago improving mobility through Chiropractic adjustments.

You might be now be wondering, well how can I change this?

What you have to remember is you only have one life so nothing is more important than your health. If you sit down and write a plan of when these changes will begin you will find they will happen!

I know there’s been a lot to take in, but overall all you have to remember is your pain is caused by emotional, physical and chemical stress through really shitty lifestyle choices and if left untreated can lead to long term chronic pain. The way to overcome this is to CHANGE YOUR HABITS, GET YOURSELF BOOKED IN WITH A CHIROPRACTOR & NIP IT IN THE BUD BEFORE IT SNOWBALLS!

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