A new approach to dealing with a stressful life!

A new approach to dealing with a stressful life!

#Number 1 - To live a healthier life you must have physical, chemical and emotional well being. You might be wondering how to do this right now? Basically you should focus on reducing stress in the part of your nervous system that goes into flight or flight mode. This is called the ‘sympathetic’ system. When the sympathetic dominates your nervous system your whole body may feel physical symptoms of stress such as ‘pain’.

#Number 2 - on the other side, there's the ‘parasympathetic’ part of your nervous system, this controls all the good things, the rest and digest part of your body, reproduction and repair.

#Number 3 - when our bodies are under stress our ‘sympathetic’ systems that control fight or flight are fired up and the parasympathetic is suppressed.

#Number 4 - your digestion, reproductive and immune system shuts down when your body is in fight or flight mode. This means our system is under suppression of all the good stuff that should be happening.

#Number 5 - it’s ok to have your ‘sympathetic’ nervous system fired up when it needs to be, for example when you are being chased by a lion.

#Number 6 - it is not ok if your sympathetic nervous system is fired up all the time as this causes your body's system to ultimately shut down, causing emotional, physical and chemical stress.

#Number 7 - it’s important to calm down the sympathetic nervous system so the parasympathetic can work well and so you can live a truly happy worry free life.

#Number 8 - you can do this by changing your lifestyle - eat the right foods - certain foods boost serotonin (happy chemical) levels such as almonds, sweet potatoes, turmeric, berries - this is because they contain serotonin.

As well as this stay active, get regular chiropractic adjustments, be mindful, exercise regularly, practice positive affirmations.

#Number 9 - over time your brain will learn that these are the things that stimulate your parasympathetic system, which means your body will reproduce and repair better and be happier.

#Number 10 - here’s some sympathetic exercises you can do at the gym to help control your fight or flight (the stress system).

So have you decided it’s time to overcome chronic stress which is clearly a burden on your life? Overcome worrying about pain every single day. Overcome that anger and frustration you get from not being able to do the activities you use to be able to do, not being able to put your child to bed or do as much housework as before.

Here at Life Balance Chiropractic we encourage you alongside your adjustments to wind down your sympathetic nervous system so you can really reduce chronic stress caused by your pain. Just having an adjustment alone can increase your chances of a healthier nervous system and as a result in less stress.

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We embrace those who encourage a stress free life, who actively seek to live a happier and healthier life.


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