Relief For Back Pain And Sciatica

Suffering from lower back pain and sciatica? That Stinging, burning numb feeling that’s shoots down the leg and sometimes even into the ankles and feet. These are all the symptoms of what’s known as “Sciatica”.

In severe cases, it can lead to muscle wasting, numbness and constant tingling down to the tip of the toes. Left untreated, the intense pain can rapidly wear you down and drain the joy out of life.

At Life Balance Chiropractic Centre in Poole, the crux of our success is that our work is based on the integrity of the mechanical structure of the body. Through intensive research and practice we have developed methods of x-ray interpretation and techniques of correction, which in turn enabled us to predict results in the majority of cases.

Life Balance client Claire, came into the centre having had sciatica down her leg for around 30 years, she had tried it all,  “I was cautious of going to a Chiropractor but my grand-daughter encouraged me to get myself booked in. After meeting D.C. Josh in the Initial Consultation I felt at ease. It’s a different approach, they have taken the time and focus on what I want to be doing. I have more energy, I am off my pain medication and can move with more ease. The progress I have made says so much to all my friends and family. I feel like a new person, I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

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