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Meet Harrison: The Passionate Chiropractor Transforming Lives at Life Balance Chiropractic Centre

Hey there! It's Harrison, your friendly chiropractor at Life Balance Chiropractic Centre. Today, I want to dive into what it means to be a...

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How much is a chiropractor vs a osteopath in the UK

Understanding the Cost: Osteopath vs. Chiropractor in the UK 💰 Today, we're diving into the financial aspect of seeking care from an osteopath or...

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Sports Massage near me vs Chiropractor: the differences & similarities

Hey everyone, it's Dr. Josh from Life Balance Chiropractic Centre, and today we're going to dive deep into the key differences between chiro vs...

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Sports Massage near me vs Chiropractor: What is the difference?

This is a question many ask, especially those who do not understand the philosophy behind chiropractic or sports massage. What is better, a...

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Osteopath vs Chiropractor: Is there a difference?

Hi, Dr Joshua Smith here, founder of award-winning Life Balance Chiropractic. At Life Balance Chiropractic Centre we are passionate about changing...

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Why does Sciatica last so long?

Busy professional parents, does this sound familiar to you? You are running around taking care of everyone without spending time for yourself. Your...

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The Essential Ingredients to Life Balance Chiropractic Centre

Life Balance Chiropractic Centre: Our mission and promise to you The essential ingredients to Life Balance Chiropractic Centre

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The Life Balance story from the Perspective of Co-Founder Doctor Josh

The Life Balance story from the perspective of co-founder Doctor Josh As a 10 year old boy, after years of pain seeing his mum sick due to stress,...

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