Lost your bounce this last year? How to start feeling good about yourself

I'm Laura Mann and I'm the Client Experience Co-ordinator here at Life Balance.

I personally found this past year very difficult. I’m a sociable character - and I love seeing my friends and family.

During my pregnancy, I had to attend all appointments alone. And not seeing my friends and family - it has been a difficult one.

Zoom catch ups became less and less, catch up calls became monotonous, and exercise basically became non-existent.

As human beings, we can often see the negatives before the positives in any situation. We listen to the media around us and fall into a trap.

In the first lock down, I was so engrossed by the media and the situation, so I made a decision.

I recognised it was not good for me mentally, so I ditched the news. It was the best thing I did. I was updated when needed and only watched the main announcements.

I found it more important to be thankful for the little things around me - walks, the garden, food on the table and a healthy family.

What were your thoughts during this time?

Have you also found this time difficult?

When I decided to flip my way of thinking, things began to feel a lot lighter.

Some of the things I put into place were:

I introduced five minute meditation into my daily routine. This was from five minutes of silence to a guided meditation. I would do this either in the morning or the evening before bed.

If I was feeling down, I would put on some uplifting music and think about all the good things in my life.

I learned the importance of reaching out to friends and family if I wasn't feeling very great.

Despite the thought of a Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp call filling me with dread, once I chatted to a friend or family, I would feel much better.

Here are five ideas to help you feel better.

Treat yourself from time to time, whether it’s a bar of chocolate, a dessert, or even going to the salon.

Maybe have a digital detox - give yourself a break from social media platforms.

Make sure you laugh or smile - laughing triggers chemical reactions in the brain, which releases small proteins called neuropeptides. Life can be full on, so make time to laugh and smile.

Get yourself moving. Exercise isn't just for losing weight - there are many other benefits. 80 to 150 minutes of exercise a week, whether that’s walking, running, going to the gym, will help with stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Get yourself checked.

Have you ever heard of a spinal transplant? Nope, neither had I. Good spinal health is so important to your all around wellbeing.

Having had chiropractic care for the last two years, the improvements in my general health have been incredible.

Chiropractic care is good for the nervous system, which eases tension. It helps you with your mental health, clears your mind, and clears your thought patterns.

You may look at these suggestions and think ‘I do not have the time for this’. Flip your way of thinking and introduce maybe just one or two of these suggestions.

It's been a tough year for all, hopefully we're now seeing some light towards some sort of normality.

However, looking after yourself and your self care should always be your number one priority.

If you have never had your spine checked here is the time to do it.

Join us for a free spinal health check by following the link.

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