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Your Guide to Chiropractor Prices


Here at Life Balance Chiropractic, we have a daily influx of customers calling or sending a message asking "How much does a Chiropractic treatment cost?"

It's not surprising - the different chiropractic clinics you've encountered likely offers different prices. Chiropractic costs vary depending on your location, your reason for care, your provider and your treatment plan. The average chiropractor cost varies widely and can range anywhere from £30 to £100 per session.

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Why is there a big difference between Chiropractor costs when you compare prices?"

In this article, we break down the factors that affect the cost of chiropractors to help you make the best decision for your health.  



what is chiropracticChiropractic is a health care discipline and system of optimizing human performance and potential by restoring or enhancing the body’s function through acknowledging the inherence recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

You don't need to see a GP before making an appointment with a chiropractor which can be very helpful with such long waiting lists and oftentimes no continuity of care.

Chiropractors treat patients using manual adjustments and lifestyle advice to improve their well-being and physical health. Chiropractors are educated to alleviate pain and boost muscular system functional improvement using a variety of research-backed modalities. There is little evidence that chiropractic treatment can help mental health problems, but some patients do report feeling emotionally better after seeing results.

The practise of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

Practically speaking, chiropractors are primarily concerned with locating and correcting vertebral subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a complex of functional, structural (joint) changes that compromises the nervous system and put the body out of balance influencing how well the body functions and general health.

Using a number of unique and highly refined skills, the chiropractor checks the patient's spine for any misalignments, fixations or other abnormalities (vertebral subluxations). If subluxations or other abnormalities are detected, the chiropractor will generally apply a gentle force in a corrective manner to the affected spinal area.



This article goes into more detail, including more precise ranges for entry-level, mid-range and high-end premium chiropractors. You will be better equipped to pick the best deal for your needs.  


The Type of Chiropractor You Choose

When deciding how to choose a chiropractor, it's helpful t0 understand that there are generally two schools of thought in the profession.

Mechanistic Chiropractors

Assess patients from a hierarchal approach of the 'I treat and fix you' relationship.

They assess individual body systems like the back of the neck separately. Scientific research support this approach, as it more closely aligns with western symptom treatment medicine.

Mechanists can be very good if you are looking for quick fixes and want quick pain relief. Thus, mechanists will often treat just the area of complaint and do your initial consultation, exam and treatment on the same day.

Vitalistic Chiropractors

Assess clients holistically looking at how the body is interconnected and how one thing affects the other.

They assess clients from a collaborative approach from the holistic philosophy that recognises that the human body is the ultimate healer - a title belonging to no doctor, chiropractor or therapist.

Vitalists can be very good if you are looking for long term correction vs just a short term fix. They try their best to find the underlying source of your pain and work towards treating the problem once and for all.

Find out The 7 Most Common Mistakes people make when choosing a Chiropractor  


Efficiency, Time, Technology, Methodology, Process

When you arrive at your initial consultation, expect to fill out some paperwork. Some are longwinded questionnaires which take forever and a day to fill out, whereas others offer a dramatically enhanced experience where the forms are sent to you prior and can be completed efficiently and securely online.

Once your paperwork is done, expect to head to a chiropractic examination room where you'll discuss your health history and go into more depth about the reason for your visit. This can be slow and take 30 minutes or efficient and take a few minutes.

Your chiropractor will then complete a physical examination. This can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Some Chiropractors will want to discover the structural cause of your issue and may order diagnostic tests like an X-ray imaging or MRI. Other providers will have low radiation digital x-ray machines on-site and can process x-rays immediately. Others may order x-rays from another place which can take a few days to process. Others may not take x-rays at all.

Some providers will then decide to perform a chiropractic adjustment after getting consent from you.

You may be asked to lie on a treatment table. The actual adjustments can often be delivered in a matter of minutes and are often painless depending on the chiropractor who delivers them and their skills. After your adjustment, your dedicated chiropractor will provide a first visit health review, which often involves discussing their findings, how your body responded to the adjustment and suggestions for a treatment plan with the costs of care.

Other providers will go away and take the time to analyse your findings from your examination and x-ray results before your chiropractor decides whether it's safe or necessary to perform a chiropractic adjustment on you. They will invite you back for a report of findings either on the same day or the following day.

This is where a chiropractor would answer the four main questions people have when it comes to their health:

  1. What's my problem?

  2. Can you help me?

  3. How long will it take?

  4. How much will it cost?

Only after you have had those questions answered fully and made an informed decision about whether chiropractic care is right for you or not and within your schedule and budget, will they then get your consent to perform your first chiropractic adjustment.

Find out more about The Life Balance Difference below!

Consistency of Care, Client Service and Results

You will find that some providers for whatever reason will run late very consistently sometimes with wait times between 20-40 minutes. Perhaps due to a lack of good operational systems. Other providers will run like a Swiss watch and are on time most of the time. This can be reassuring when your life is busy and don't have all day to spend at the centre.

You will also find that the level of service and experience you get from one chiropractic clinic to another is very different.

Some providers will lack an operations team that optimises client experience, and a concierge front of house team. Others clinics will have a front desk team but provide a poor customer experience which is usually shown through a lack of reviews.

Meanwhile, the very best providers will provide you with an incredible experience like a Michelin star restaurant or a 5-star hotel, which is usually reflected in their reviews.

Results do vary based on the experience of your chiropractor, your condition and the skills they have. This question can usually be answered by reading a number of reviews about the centre, team and chiropractors to gauge whether they get the results or not you are looking for.

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Added Services or Products

Some chiropractors see the chiropractic adjustment as just a tool in their toolbox and will provide other services alongside such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture (dry needling), ultrasound, shockwave therapy, and trigger point therapy.

Whereas other providers will just focus on being a master of the chiropractic adjustment and delivering the best possible adjustment for you, making the other therapies redundant in many cases.


How You Choose to Pay for Your Care

Some chiropractors will offer a pricing structure where you pay as you go per chiropractic session, whereas others will offer different options such as the ability to spread the cost over time or the ability to pay upfront for a pack and receive a discount.

Chiropractic care is covered by many health insurance providers.

Check with your health provider for specific information about your plan. Though some chiropractors don’t take health insurance covers, you may be eligible for some reimbursement towards the costs of some of your treatments.

The National Health Services (NHS) does have some commissioning groups that pay for a mechanistic chiropractor, but generally do not pay for complementary and alternative treatments.



Generally, it's important to do your own research. You should also look at their customer reviews as those can't be faked, giving you a better insight into the quality of chiropractic services you're likely to receive. For more tips, check out our guide -  7 mistakes people make when choosing a chiropractor.

If you find a chiropractor cost that seems too good to be true - it most likely is! As the saying goes you get what you pay for.

There is no such thing as "cheap" chiropractic care when it comes to hiring a chiropractor. Clients should be wary of chiropractors who charge significantly less than the average chiropractor salary; this may be a sign of an unlicensed chiropractor or even worse!

By law, all chiropractors must be registered with the GCC. If you decide to contact a chiropractor yourself, make sure they're registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). Check the GCC register to see if a practitioner is registered and find chiropractors in your area.



The only way to know exactly how much chiropractors earn is to schedule an enquiry about cost & availability with an experienced professional.

However, by knowing how costs are calculated and what factors affect them, you will be better prepared to ask good questions and make a better-informed decision when the time comes to make your health investment.

At Life Balance Chiropractic, your trust is our business, which is why we provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

We have a great team to help you determine the right option for you, your body and your budget. Our Chiropractic assistants will make sure you are 100% satisfied. If you live in Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne, or the surrounding area schedule your enquiry about cost & availability today.

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Life Balance is an award-winning provider of premium chiropractic treatments in the UK.

Utilising the philosophy, strength and innovation of chiropractic care, we have developed the Life Balance Method to create meaningful solutions.

We believe that many people are suffering needlessly as bodily aches and pains have become too common. We have lost perspective of why we lose our health or how to get it back, thinking that it is normal.

Our chiropractors treat a variety of spine, joint, muscle, nerve and other health challenges to bring a shift in the quality of your life by taking you through our proven process or what we call the Life Balance Difference.

We have effectively treated thousands of patients from many walks of life - find out how we can do the same for you.

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We offer chiropractic treatments that help our patients enjoy life again. In our years of experience, some of the most common conditions we encounter are:   

Back Pain

back and neck pain



 spinal manipulation for sciatica



back pain sports therapy



diagnose headaches and headache locations



chiropractic treatment



our chiropractor



Discover how our proven treatment processes have improved our patients' lives.



chiropractic treatment initial consultation


chiropractic consultation at Life Balance Chiropractic clinicStep 1: CONSULT

Our experienced international team does everything we can to create a pleasant, customised experience. It is important for us to connect with our patients so we can deliver the best care to keep you feeling better, for longer.

We take the time to listen and gather your unique health story and how the problem is affecting your life. 


nervous system proprietary assessmentStep 2: DISCOVER

We gather the most powerful data at every initial consultation. We test (not guess) to discover the root cause of your health issues through our comprehensive structural and nervous system assessment.

This proven process empowers you to be the architect of your health, allowing you to get your quality of life back, achieve your lifestyle goals and keep it that way.


latest cutting edge technologies in x-rayStep 3: REPORT

We analyze your results with you to accurately report on our findings of your unique health insights.

You will feel certain about what your problem is, whether we can help you, and how long it will take to heal. We will also discuss no obligation recommendations for care and treatments moving forward.


spinal manipulation chiropractorStep 4: CARE

If you do decide we are a good fit for each other and we accept your case, our award-winning team will support your health goals and transformation.

We will collaborate with you to create a customised treatment plan to support you at every step of your recovery journey so you can continue to do the things you love.

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premium chiropractic care

Getting treated at Life Balance is a holistic, full-sensory experience that goes beyond just a spinal adjustment. Our premium price points allow us to provide you with the premium care you deserve.

Every aspect of your visit is curated to create a therapeutic atmosphere where you can ease into a relaxed sense of well-being and forget all of life's stresses.

Unbeatable Expertise

Our years of experience in chiropractic care have allowed us to create personalised plans that deliver optimal results quicker.

Prioritising Your Convenience

We've designed our chiropractic clinic to be easy to experience, with free parking in our car park, early opening times, and same-day new patient appointments.

Trusted & Accredited

Life Balance is accredited & registered with the General Chiropractic Council, British Chiropractic Association and United Chiropractic Association in the United Kingdom.

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