Can a Chiropractor Help My Baby Sleep?

Looking for solutions for your baby's poor sleeping habits?

When your baby isn't sleeping, you'll try anything; long drives, later bedtimes, different feeding patterns - anything! But have you considered chiropractic treatment to relax your baby and make sleeping a more natural and peaceful experience?

What causes sleep issues in babies?

Irregular sleep patterns in babies are very common and can be caused by a number of issues. Whether it's colic, uncomfortable temperatures, feeding habits or simply just a routine your baby has slipped into, being awake all hours of the night is common for little ones and is something no parent wants to endure.

How can a chiropractor help my baby to sleep?

Whilst we can't promise a miracle that will make your baby sleep a full 8 hours each night, what we can do is help to ease your baby and help them to relax.

Using gentle adjustment methods and massage, we can help to enhance mobility and optimise the function of your child's nervous system to ensure that, whatever stage of development they are in, their bodies are fully supported and balanced.

We'll also help to gently release any locked joints that may be causing tension, allowing your child to settle into a peaceful and quality sleep ready for another day of adventure tomorrow.

Is chiropractic care safe for babies?

Our chiropractic methods are extremely gentle and are completely safe for babies and children.

Want to find out more about chiropractic care for babies? Feel free to give us a call on 01202 684 859 and we'll be more than happy to run through our system and process and find a solution that suits you and your baby.



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